Horsey Tips


Here are a few random horsey tips for the rider who is relatively new to the horse world:

  1. When you first start riding do not be pressured into buying all the kit - YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE IT!  As long as you wear sensible, comfortable clothes and a boot with a small heal you are half way there. Although at our riding school we offer to hire hats, for lessons, not all riding schools do. So i would suggest a Riding Hat would be the first item to buy. We sell ours for between £20-£60 Make sure that the hat has is to  European standard.
  2. Don't be afraid to ask your instructor what she means. Sometimes when teaching an instructor  assumes her class knows what she is on about. (below are a few common phrases)
  3. "Your on the wrong Diagonal" ; " Wrong canter lead" "Change the rein"
  4. Even though the instructor may explain it to you, i think it is sometimes easier if you buy a simple riding book that explains these riding terms.(childrens books are usually the best because they have pictures)
  5.  Remember that everyone learns to ride at their own pace, don't put too much pressure on yourself. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!!

6. If you are catching a horse/pony always approach from the side-why?-a horse can see all the way around him apart from directly in front and directly behind, if you startle him, his natural reaction is to run away, if he can't run away he may kick or bite you.

7. Don't give horses and ponies too many 'titbits' this will encourage him to nip/bite you every time he sees you. You can put it in his trough or a bucket. (my horse is always "lipping" me looking for treats (a bad habit he picked up!) i wouldn't mind but he's 17hh and has massive lips!