Horse Buying Advice


We have a lot of first time horse buyers that come through our riding school.
Whilst many people take on board our horse buying advice and suggestions about buying a horse or pony, a small few will not heed this advice and end up buying a horse that is unsuitable for them or their family.

Although thoroughbreds are a cheaper option, they are not the best horse for a first time buy!! we have people coming to us all the time saying 'we bought this thoroughbred and it seemed really quiet and now its 'unmanagable' and i can't ride it.

This is because alot of dealers (not all!) will turn the horse out and feed it very little concentrated food (to keep its energy levels down) as soon as you get it and start working it and getting it fitter the horse will become livlier.

My advise is to stay clear, unless you are a competent, knowledgable buyer.

Of course there are always exceptions to rule and some thoroughbred and very genuine, calm horses.

The main thing is to be practical, not impulsive! Buying horses and ponies is something we are highly experienced in and our guidance is highly sought-after and appreciated by many happy horse buyers we have advised.

So, buy a horse that suits your individual needs. and not just because 'he seems nice' i'm in love' etc

Don’t be tempted to buy it just because it’s pretty, it also has to  suit your riding ability.

Remember, it is very important to buy the right  horse, so it’s worth being patient, doing your research and visiting several horses to see which one would suit you the best.

Horse Buying Advice

always take along someone who is more experienced than your self, or who's opinion you respect. LISTEN TO WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY!! So many people listen but have already made up their minds that this is the horse for them.

If you get to the stage of vetting the horse/pony and it fails it is not necessarily that the horse is no good for you, but it is something to consider when you are thinking of; insurance, competition, stabling etc.

There are alot of pitfalls when buying horse so be careful, remember, many people sell horses/ponies as a living, they may not lie about the facts but they can certainly be stretched along way! eg "Green", can cover a multitude of sins or "has seen hounds" (from his field when they passed!) does not necessarily mean he has been hunting.

The list is endless, so make sure you see the horse ridden by someone before you ride it yourself, and ask lots of relevent questions.

Make sure that when you try your horse/pony that you try it for the job you want, ie; If you want a horse to jump round a course of 90cm jumps with fillers, then you must try the horse out over this size of jump, even if it means (if the people don't have the facilities) hiring a local arena and trying it properly. If the people selling don't agree to this, then you should walk away. It is no good buying it on their say so!

Remeber thoroughbreds may be cheaper than a nice quiet cob for hacking but will it do the job (after it's had a good feed and got a little bit fitter?) There a thousands of thoroughbreds for sale because they haven't made the grade as a racehorse. If you go to a horse sale you can pick one up for under £500, but can you ride it. This is the pitfall of many. Of course we all want a bargain, but unless you know what you are doing, or you get really lucky, i would urge first time buyers to steer clear of this breed, especially if they have been racing. (we have bred, and raced them over the years, so i do know what i am talking about!

Many people selling horses will tell you that they are not dealers ( i myself am not a dealer but i do buy and sell horses!!) Don't be put off if they are, at the end of the day it is the bond that you form with the horse/pony that counts, and that it covers most of  the criteria it is required to do!! we always say that people can come and try a horse several times before purchasing and if we did not think the horse/pony suited we would tell you ( i don't know how some dealers can live themselves!!!)

It is an exciting time and you want to make the best choice possible (no horse/pony is perfect)

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions that i have covered



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