Its no secret that fuel costs are soaring like never before so Thermoflow is the perfect solution to help prevent huge bills this winter. Incredibly easy to fit its requires no pipe cutting and comes with our 90 day performance guarantee. How will I know if I am saving fuel? By comparing to your previous fuel bills. It is quite common that customers who pay their bills monthly by standing order have their monthly payment reduced by the fuel supplier after a few months of fitting Thermoflow. What is the average saving? It is not possible to be definitive about the amount of fuel that will be saved, this will depend on the type and condition of the boiler. In general terms customers report savings in the range of 5 - 20%. Do I have to make any adjustments to the boiler? Fitting a Thermoflow will accelerate the heating process and often this allows the water to get a few degrees hotter before the thermostat cuts in. If this happens then turn the boiler down on the control to save more fuel.

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